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Blue Planet Security now offers a range of new products available for bulk sales. 1,000 pieces is the minimum order.

Blue Planet Cable Factory Photos

In addition to materials, overhead and other costs, the biggest factor in price is labor. The cables are assembled using hand operated machines. Automating the process would require the design of a new machine and a cost something in excess of $100,000. The small market for these cables would not support such an expenditure nor would pricing be competitive. Labor costs and other costs are much higher at our Florida factory than at the China factory which we recently invested in. By being a part owner of the factory we have increased control over quality and production factors, plus make a percentage on all other orders the factory produces.

Sample of product from production line.

Samples of product from production line.

Cable parts awaiting assembly and attaching end pieces.

Cable parts awaiting assembly and attaching end pieces.

Attaching end pieces.

Cutting the wire to the proper length is a two person job.

Attaching screw end

Attaching the ends of the cable. The plant has multiple machines to turn out
thousands of cables in a reasonable amount of time.

Rolls of cable.

A large rack holds the inventory of stainless steel cable in 1.5 and 1.2mm. Just one roll of stainless steel cable is a significant investment. Virtually all of the cables you will find on the market, not made by Blue Planet, are made in China. Blue Planet Security manufactures the cables too, both in the U.S. and in China, nevertheless all the connectors are made only in China.

Certain information is not available for competitive, trade secret, and confidentiality reasons.

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