Secure DIVERtags -- Diving Equipment Scuba/Snorkel Protection System

Virtually Indestructible Secure Property Security Tags!

Diver Secure Tags
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Secure your Scuba Diving Bags and Equipment Against Loss and Theft.

Retail package of 3 equipment/bag tags are available. The package includes a wallet card and three 6" stainless steel cables to secure the tags. The business card sized tags are heat sealed with 10 mil thick plastic (the thickest available). One half inch heat sealed cable hole is further reinforced with an aluminum grommet which prevents the cable from being pulled through the card.

Free lifetime registration and tracking. Printed in color. The only way to recover your equipment when you are traveling.

The Only System that Protects Your Privacy, Discourages Theft and Allows Stolen Property to be Returned.

  • Includes 3 2.25" x 3.75" Tags with Brass Grommets & ID 3's
  • Tags Heat Sealed w/Max. Available 10 Mil. Clear Plastic
  • 3 Stainless Steel 6 Inch Aircraft Cables to Secure Tags
  • Laminated Wallet ID w/Emergency Email, WWW, Phone #'s
  • Wallet Card with ID No. Positively Proves Property Ownership
  • Free World Wide Lifetime Registration & Tracking 24/7/365
  • 24 Hour Toll Free & Direct Dial Customer Service, Web & Email Support
  • Simulated 3D RFID Radio Chip & Alarm Circuit Deters Theft.
  • Optional Photo Upload Service
  • Tags Printed on Heavy Bright White Card Stock
  • Best System to Prevent Theft & Secure Lost Equipment Return
  • Perfect for Tanks, Regulators, Equipment Bags, Spear Guns, etc.
  • Cables screw together. Tighten with pliers. Add a drop of super glue to make permanent.
  • Made in Key West, FL, USA

Made in USA

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Blue Planet Security Corporation is a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. a Florida, USA Corporation and is a dba registered with the Florida Secretary of State.

All products made in America.

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