Help - About SSL Security

Site Secured by Blue  Planet SSL-CERT

All communications with this site are encrypted with 2048-bit encryption.

We do not ask for or get your credit card or other financial information. We do not process credit cards on our site. We use 3rd party payment services you already know and who process credit cards securely and have a great deal of experience. We never get any financial information from them. Your information is protected. If you do not have any of these accounts, you can use PayPal with or without creating an account. PayPal also allows electronic checks.

All of our forms, for registering products and other purposes are encrypted between your computer and our server. No financial information is communicated, but we want to be certain that all of your information is protected.

In addition, all of our forms are stored in password protected directories. We provide a simple user name and password to enter the directory. This is effective in keeping out the spammer's robots and similar pests. It is also much easier than the captcha technique. Those graphics are usually hard to read, you don't know if something is upper case or lower case, there is usually a background or extra stuff in them where you don't know if that is part of the code or not. They are generally a pain and we don't use them. Our approach works just fine.

We NEVER sell or otherwise give out any customer information. Your information is protected and is not stored on a computer that is accessible from the internet. To read the details, click on the privacy policy link you will find at the bottom of most pages.

Many sites are encrypted but then they send the contents of the form by email to their offices in the clear. Blue Planet uses only ENCRYPTED EMAIL.

No cookies. We do not use cookies nor do we upload anything to your computer when you visit our sites. You will notice that our sites are relatively simple. You can look at the source code for the pages and you will see it is all standard HTML. We do not hide anything. There are no tricks.

Our sites are all written by hand. Graphical editors place all sorts of unnecessary code into a page which makes them impossible to ever edit by hand or without that particular program. For instance, when you move an image, it inserts hundreds of transparent gifs to push the image in whatever direction you have dragged it. Do this a number of times or with multiple images and the page is soon loaded with thousands of characters of unnecessary garbage. This also slows down the loading of the page.

Our sites (and our customer's sites) are scanned for malware and other threats multiple times a day by our own website security service from our own servers located in our Key West offices which include a 4 cpu (dual core 2.5 ghz each) HP Proliant enterprise server running at a total speed of 20 gigahertz with 24 gigabytes of memory. Our internet connection is 27mbps. We also have various Linux systems performing tasks on the internet. Copyright © 2023 by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and Blue Planet Security Corporation, Key West, FL 33040-4077