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Due to the massive amount of spamming of comment forms, guest books and message forums, in addition to email, Blue Planet's security forms are in a secure area, plus all communications with this site are encrypted with 256-bit SSL. In addition, unlike many websites, forms are not emailed to us. All form submissions are downloaded from the server using encryption.

When the login box appears:

Enter images for User Name.

Enter images as the password.

You will then be in a secure and 256-bit SSL encrypted area to enter your registration information. Thank you for purchasing ResqVester.

GO TO ResqVester Registration Form if you purchased the Online Version.

GO TO ResqVester Retail Registration Form if you purchased the Retail Version. The retail version is sold in stores.

If you would like to change a previous registration, you will need the password entered into the original form.

GO TO ResqVester Change Form if you have already registered the kit and want to change your registration. You must complete a new registration as it is not possible at this time to edit a previous submission.


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