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The ResqVester Life Vest System can be registered in one of 3 ways.

1. The system can be registered to a particular vessel. This is the most practical when a vessel has changing passengers, guests or crew. A vessel with 8 life vests could have 8 ResqVester systems all with the same registration number. When purchased in a group, the tags can have individual numbers appended to the serial number, so that passengers could be assigned vests and logged into a ship's log. That way, if a particular vest number was missing, the crew would know exactly who it belonged to. The person registering should complete all the contact information so there is a point of contact for the vessel. The person registering, for example the captain, is free to complete the medical information section.

2. If you are registering a ResqVester system for your personal use on your personal life vest, then you should register the system as a personal registration. You should complete all the contact information and also provide as much medical information as possible that would be useful to first responders.

3. If you are registering multiple tags for a family boat, please use our ResqVesterfamily form.

Thank you for registering your tag.

Resources: This story is a good example of a reason to use our device and to register your purchase with Blue Planet.

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