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Blue Planet Offices, Inc. is a Florida, USA Corporation.
Blue Planet Security Corporation is a DBA of Blue Planet Offices registered with the Florida Secretary of State.

Front of Retail Product SecureBAG-TAG SecureBAG-TAG Retail Package - Not Just a Luggage Tag, But a Luggage Protection System

SecureBAG-TAG is a line of security products designed to discourage the theft of your property and to secure its return if it is lost. The flagship product is our package of three luggage tags with stainless steel cables. A lower cost version with cable ties is offered. There are additional products geared to various uses and markets, most of which also have their own websites.

The retail product has a standard tag front and the reverse side of the tag is the same as our custom made SecureBAG-TAG which you can see with all the details and options at . The reverse of the tag includes our contact information and the simulated RFID chip with an alarm type circuit that runs around the attachment hole. The RFID chip is silk-screened with gold ink onto black vinyl. (Other colors are also used. The Executive Tag version uses red vinyl.)

The card has a 1/2" hole punched in it. The lamination is heat sealed, so the hole is heatsealed. A 3/16" inch hole is then punched into the lamination, leaving heat sealed lamination all around the hole. A brass grommet is then inserted and compressed into the hole with a mechanical press. It is impossible for a person to pull the tag from the piece of luggage, especially while trying to hold the luggage and pull the tag. It would be impossible for anyone to remove the tag inside an airport without attracting lots of attention. In addition, the back of the card has a simulated RFID radio chip and alarm circuit to deter even a professional thief.

We use standard luggage tag laminations which come punched with the luggage strap slot. These are larger than the business card sized lamination used for the wallet card. In addition to desiring larger tags for the luggage itself, the slots do have a purpose. The slot allows a customer to use a cable tie to attach the slot end of the tag to the bag in addition to our attachment point. This removes any chance of the tag getting caught in baggage handling machinery and makes it even harder to remove from the bag.

SecureBAG-TAG Retail package contents Shown below is the package back and inside front. The package is a clear CD case without the CD disk insert. The CD case size makes it easy to display in existing retail shops. If you use hangers on pegboard or slant wall, the CD cases can be delivered with free plastic hangers attached. There is a choice of two types. Buy 4 units and with your first order get a free attractive cardboard counter display box. Click for Details on Displays.

There are two retail packages of the luggage tag product. The $19.95 msrp packaging includes 3 stainless steel cables. The $14.95 msrp packaging include 3 cable ties. Customers can upgrade to the stainless steel cables online after purchase. We provide quality commercial cable ties with 75 lb. tensile strength. Most cable ties sold in stores and on the internet have only 40 lb. tensile strength.

The inside front of the packaging is only partly visible until the contents are removed. The contents include 3 SecureBAG-TAGs, 3 Luggage Cables/Ties, 3 Inside Labels, 3 Adhesive Sheets, and a Laminated Wallet Card. $14.95 package has a base wholesale of $8.00 and the $19.95 package has a base wholesale of $11.00.

Counter top display

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All packages have UPC barcodes owned by Blue Planet Offices, Inc. and the $14.95 and $19.95 packages have different bar codes, though they are only one number apart. If you need bar codes for your business please visit our supplier who has the best pricing. Click here to visit Nationwide Barcode.

The photo below left shows the inside adhesive tags and the Seal-a-Card plastic sheets that are attached over the tags to further secure them in place and protect them. If for any reason the outside tag on any piece of luggage is removed, the inside tag will still identify it and get it back to you.

Packages are shrinkwrapped. Before the package is shrinkwrapped a 1.5" x 1.5" color security seal is attached to seal closed the CD case. The security seals are also available for purchase at As a practical matter, the seals keep the CD cases closed before they are shrinkwrapped and also adds a professional secure look to the packaging. The seals are easy to remove from the CD case allowing the CD case to be re-used.

Rack hanger tags are available at no cost. Two different types are available. Buy 4 packages and get a FREE countertop display box. Minimum order is only 3 units.

Order our discounted introductory sample selection and you get two BAG-TAGs with steel cables, one kit with cables ties and one Executive Edition plus a free counter-top display or plastic hangers. Your cost ONLY $29.00 with $4.95 Delivery. There is no other secure luggage tag system that even comes close to our pricing and nothing, regardless of price, is as good or offers as many features.

A laminated wallet card is included with each set and the back contains the registration number and methods to contact Blue Planet Security including email, a secure web site, toll free 800 number and a direct dial number. Service is available 24/7/365 and all incoming calls are legally and automatically recorded. Retail customers register thier tags at Customers can report lost luggage at any time and do not have to upload their travel information in advance, although they may do so if they like.

Inside tag labels and adhesive sheets. Laminated Wallet Card Front

See below. A 1/2" hole is punched into the paper card and it is then laminated with 10 mil plastic.
The plastic hole is thus heat sealed and you can see it is sealed right up to the edge of the paper. Next a 3/16" hole is punched into the plastic.

Then a brass grommet is pressed and sealed into the hole with a mechanical press. Notice how far it is from the edge.
Plenty of heat sealed plastic remains around the grommet hole.
This makes it impossible for one person to pull the SecureBAG-TAG off the item of luggage.

Although not completed, we will also be using twitter to notify people of stolen property in their area. There will possibly be signup info in a label at the top of the display and in the instructions sheet. Although the package has instructions printed on it, the plastic pouch with the inside tags is also going to have an additional instruction sheet.

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Card after lamination Card after grommet is attached.

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Our single tag product BAG-TAG Jr. will be available in a generic package, but will also be available in packages for specific audiences. For instance there will be one for computer cases which will be suitable for sales at computer stores. It will include a tag/label for the computer. There will be a model for musical instruments, which we can sell through music stores. There may be a model directed toward backpackers we can sell at stores selling backpacks, skater shops and so forth. There will be a tag/label included for use on a skateboard. There are also products for bikes and other small vehicles, boats and the home which have their own websites and will be available shortly.

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