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SecureBAG-TAG Retail Package - DISPLAYS
Not Just a Luggage Tag, But a Luggage Protection System

Our first retail counter display holds 4 units. The display shown is for our SecureBAG-TAG luggage tags. The market specific products will have display labels designed for those audiences. Please keep in mind this display and product is a prototype. We wanted to get some photos up as quickly as possible.

The display has a unique feature. It includes a short URL to a website designed for smart phone users and other mobile devices. A small tag on the side of the display invites potential customers to go the the site and learn more details about the product. There is a lot of detail we can't include on the back of the small CD case. Thus, we use the web to assist in sales. With the vast proliferation of mobile devices we do expect this sales feature to have a significant impact.

On the other side of the display there is a label of the same size that contains a QR Code. If you don't know what this is, the internet explains it in detail. In a nutshell, this Quick Response Code contains data that is read by applications available for virtually all smart phones. These are all the rage in Asia and are catching on here and in Europe. You might have seen them used in print advertisements, posters and in other ways. In most cases, as in our case, this will automatically take the smart phone user to our website. Business cards and other things can be encoded in a QR barcode as well.

Our mobile phone site will give the visitor the choice of various topics and the choice of a presentation in text and still photos, or in video. The person can of course look at both if they like. We provide this option as many smart phone users are paying for bandwidth or pay by the number of bytes/characters that are transmitted. Some will not want to watch video. As 4G networks spread, I am sure more and more people will watch the videos.

Our single tag product BAG-TAG Jr. will be available in a generic package, but will also be available in packages for specific audiences. For instance there will be one for computer cases which will be suitable for sales at computer stores. It will include a tag/label for the computer. There will be a model for musical instruments, which we can sell through music stores. There may be a model directed toward backpackers we can sell at stores selling backpacks, skater shops and so forth. There will be a tag/label included for use on a skateboard. There are also products for bikes and other small vehicles, boats and the home which have their own websites and will be available shortly.

In addition to our own registration and tracking network we are also taking advantage of Twitter and FaceBook with two approaches. There is one account for theft notifications and other emergency announcements and another account for Blue Planet Security in general for product information and customer support. There will likely be a signup tag line at the top of the display and included in the instruction sheet inside the package. We will be using the site for this purpose as well. BPPRN is an acronym for "Blue Planet Property Recovery Network." All of these things also raise the profile of the product.

See Detail of Retail Packaging Below

$14.95 Package back and inside.

$19.95 Package back and inside.

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