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Ward Off Bike Theft and Recover Stolen Bikes Faster

A Secure VIN Number for Your Bicycle!

Over 18,000,000 bikes are sold every year and over 800,000+ of those are stolen each year.

Bike Tag CD Package Read our Blog Article on How to Protect Your Bike.

Somewhere between 800,000 and two million bikes -- worth some $50 million to $86 million -- are stolen each year. Many are not reported to the police. The police recover some 48 percent of stolen bikes but only 5 percent are returned to their owners. SecureBIKEtag helps to prevent theft, and even more importantly, it will be a significant factor in getting your bike back. Even if you don't purchase SecureBIKEtag, be sure to take photographs of your bike and otherwise document your bike ownership.

No one product alone is going to provide total protection for your bike from all threats. However, SecureBIKEtag is an important and very economical line of defense at ONLY $9.95. No other product compares at that price point or even many times that. SecureBIKEtag will help to prevent theft and provide valuable assistance to law enforcement in recovering your property, returning it to you and sending guilty parties to jail.

SecureBIKEtag is also great for other types of portable property like Scooters, ATV's, Water Craft and GoKarts. No other product offers what SecureBIKEtag does.

SecureBIKEtag, like a home alarm system, will scare off the thief. The bike thief will move on to an easier target. If the criminal is determined, this product will slow them down as there are two different types of obvious tags with the bike's identification number. The thief has to worry about removing them both, which is not going to be easy and is going to take a considerable amount of time. Time is the enemy of every criminal. The criminal still has to worry about the four hidden tags, assuming he even knows about them, which is not likely.

I have read and heard many tales of people leaving their bikes for just a minute or two unlocked right outside of a business they ran into and when they came out their bike was gone. Obviously a crime of opportunity and apparently lots of people are willing to take that chance. I suggest that with our security tag hanging from the bike and the RFID device, few if any people are going to chance stealing that bike. The decision to steal your bike is made in a moment or two and the thief doesn't have much time to think about it. Also, most bike thefts have a very limited window of opportunity and our product will help to convince the thief that its not a very good opportunity and also to send him off to steal some other bike.

The kit includes three types of secure tags. The product includes a bar code and is ideal for retail sales in bike shops and other locations. For wholesale pricing the minimum order is only 8 units at $5.00 each and includes a free counter-top display.

SecureBIKEtag Includes:

  • 1 2.25" x 3.75" Tag w/Brass Grommet & ID #.
  • Tag Heat Sealed with Maximum Available 10 Mil. Clear Plastic.
  • 1 Stainless Steel 6 Inch Multi-Filament Aircraft Cable to Secure Tag.
  • 4 1/2" x 1.75" Water-Resistant Silver Polyester Labels w/ID#'s.
  • The 4 above labels are designed to be hidden on different parts of your bicycle.
  • 1 1" x 2.5" White Water-Resistant Polyester Label w/ID#.
  • The above label is designed to be placed in a prominent location on the bike frame.
  • 1 1.25" x 4" Quality Seal-a-Card (r) Adhesive Sheet.
  • The above self-adhesive sheet goes over to protect and secure the white label.
  • Laminated Wallet ID w /Emergency Email, WWW, Direct and Toll Free Numbers.
  • Registration Number on Wallet ID (& Online Registration) Proves Ownership of Bike.
  • Two Alcohol Wipes for Final Cleaning of Bike Frame for Attaching Labels.
  • Free World Wide Lifetime Registration & Tracking 24/7/365.
  • Simulated 3D RFID Radio Chip & Alarm Circuit Deters Theft.
  • Front of card includes Warning & BP Security Logo in Blue.
  • Local Law Enforcement is Notified of System Details.
  • Lifetime Photo Upload and Photo Storage Service Included.

The small 1.5" x 2.25" surface tags are made from a tough silver weatherproof Polyester plastic. These small tags are designed to be hidden on your bike or other item. Hide them in places a thief is not going to have time to look for.

Fits even thick bike frames. The kit includes a laminated wallet registration card with your registration number and emergency contact information. No other product provides actual customer service numbers and a toll free 800 number. All other products provide ONLY a web site. All the tags include free lifetime registration and tracking. No other product offers this feature for such a low price.

The kit also includes one large plastic tag with a brass grommet and a stainless steel cable. This can be used to protect a piece of property or placed in an obvious location to warn off thiefs. This tag is similar to our SecureBAG-TAG retail product and includes our exclusive 3D RFID radio chip and alarm circuit. Few people will want to mess with that tag. This tag is extremely difficult to remove.

We have had some bike shops tell us they tell their customers to register the bike's serial number with the city. That might help recover your bike in places that offer such a service, but it is NOT going to help with preventing your bike being stolen in the first place. The bike thief is willing to take that risk, but I know they aren't willing to take the chance with a bike that is loaded with registration labels and a big warning tag. Also keep in mind, such registrations are only local. Here in Key West, FL for example, lots of stolen bikes are put in vehicles and shipped up to Miami. This is especially true for expensive bikes. Your city registration then is going to be completely worthless.

Additional tags can be ordered with the same serial number at the website after you register your initial set of security tags. Optionally, you can also upload and store online photographs of your bike. The photo service is included in the price of the kit. If the time comes when you need them, you will know exactly where they are. You can access them at any time and you can also request that we email them to law enforcement. Imagine photos of your stolen property sent to patrol cars right after you report the theft.

The kit is packaged in a standard clear CD case and is ideal for retail sales or giving it as a gift.

Suggested Manuf. Retail Price: $9.95

Open CD Case Showing Contents of SecureBIKEtag product CD Case Opened Showing Product

The image to the left shows the CD case open. From left to right the large ID tag wtih brass grommet, RFID chip silk-screened in gold, contact information and serial number. You get a laminated wallet card printed with the identification number and complete contact information. The Seal-a-Card adhesive sheet is shown which goes over the white water resistant polyester label which should be placed in a prominent location on the frame. The 6 inch stainless steel cable is virtually impossible to break and extremely difficult to cut. Tighten with pliers and you can put a drop of superglue on it to make it permanent. Far right are the 4 small identification tags to hide on different parts of your bike.

Only $9.95

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You can also provide this info when you register your tag system.

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Our retail package includes a link and QRcode to our mobile oriented site which has even more details about SecureBIKEtag at

To order wholesale priced quantities of SecureBIKEtag for your business or biking organization to sell, please visit our SecureBIKEtag Wholesalel page. Our products are also ideal for sales by school groups as a fundraiser.

To see the back of the CD case and the inside instructions (PDF) Click HERE.

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